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Top Stories in the November 2017 Issue:

  • The Editorial:  “The Hospice Option” - Here’s an interesting thought from one of those smart academic types:  “Not all companies last forever. There is a life cycle to a company. They are born, grow and then decline. ... Trying to force growth in older companies like IBM could actually have a negative impact on them, because they might end up simply throwing good money away.” Wow! In what other industry have we seen companies experience years of revenue declines and billions wasted on misguided strategies to reinvigorate growth? What’s the alternative?

  • Taking Sharp's Pulse What a difference two years can make. The message Sharp delivered to its dealers in Phoenix is that the company is in a far better position than two years ago and also when compared to other MFP vendors because it’s now part of mammoth Foxconn. It’s certainly makes sense for Sharp to tout that connection, but the company has developed a grating tendency to describe Foxconn as some sort of “Sugar Daddy.” Sharp continually pointed out to dealers that Foxconn has really deep pockets, oodles of cash, massive buying power, and fabulous connections. As a result of all this, Sharp said it’s now “seated at the table with the big guys,” while “Canon, Ricoh and Konica Minolta are relegated to the kids table."

  • What Will Samsung Add to HP? - While HP talks a lot in qualitative terms about what Samsung brings to the company, the quantitative contribution will be surprisingly small ... at least in the near term. HP is forecasting a FY2018 revenue contribution from Samsung’s printing business of about $1.4 billion. That’s down 22% from the $1.8 billion in hardcopy revenue Samsung did in 2015. HP also expects the Samsung will add about one cent to its earnings per share in 2018. That equates to a profit of just $16.5 million and a very slim 1.2% profit margin for the newly acquired Samsung printer business in its first year of operation inside HP. Looked at another way, the contribution from Samsung in FY2018 will be equal to 7.4% of HP’s printing revenue in FY2017 and just 0.5% of HP’s printing profit. 

  • Has Mopria Closed the App Gap? The Mopria Alliance maintains it “is pleased with the success we have had working with app developers to add a dedicated print function.” But the reality is that only a very tiny handful of developers have ever exposed printing as a function in their apps. This has greatly impeded the Mopria Alliance from achieving its full potential in the mobile market. That’s why the new Mopria Print Service 2.3 plug-in is such a significant development. It leverages the built-in “Share” feature that’s long been part of Android. That feature is “already available in many popular apps, including Facebook, Flipboard, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest."


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