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Top Stories in the September 2018 Issue:

  • The Editorial:  “Dabblers and Dilettantes?”“When I see vendors dabble in adjacent but complex product categories or move further afield from their core business — without doing the requisite work those tasks demand and despite the vast resources these companies have — I get annoyed. News flash, vendors. Don’t wing it! Real shortcuts are few and far between. You can’t simply pull a new product, a new business strategy, or a new professional service out of your corporate backside!"

  • Toshiba LEAD ... and Lags -  Toshiba made two formal announcements at LEAD 2018, and both were of the less-than-meets-the-eye variety. First, there was the news that TABS had partnered with Brother to offer a third brand of lower-end A4 printers and MFPs to its dealers and branches. And second, there was the launch of thirteen new 20-50 ppm A3 color and monochrome e-Studio MFPs that are barely enhanced versions of products it launched at the LEAD 2016 event.

  • Upside for Toshiba & Brother? The addition of the Brother relationship alongside Toshiba’s already ample relationships with Lexmark (both as a partner and as an OEM customer) and HP – plus its now failed deal with OKI – once again emphasizes that Toshiba is not able to compete fully with larger competitors in the global printing market. And there remains no clear path for Toshiba’s TEC’s hardcopy business going forward other than to sell that part of the business to a competitor or buy a small competitor.

  • Xerox Tries to Buy Time Xerox at the Citi 2018 Global Technology Conference sought to assure Wall Street analysts it’s still working on a new strategic business plan, while at the same time not offering many details about that plan, and trying to buy a few more months in order to get the plan finished. But the few tidbits Xerox did reveal about the evolving plan showed how steep the learning curve may be for the company’s new leadership.


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