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Top Stories in the January 2018 Issue:

  • The Editorial:  “Let the Games Bigin!” - The announcement that Fujifilm is sorta-kinda buying Xerox is the long-awaited catalyst that will trigger a final round of hardcopy industry consolidation. So who’s the next contestant on “Let’s Make a Deal?” I don’t know, but I do believe the industry is now coalescing into four very distinct groups of companies. And it’s the dynamics within and between these groups that will determine the next round of deals and winners and losers."

  • Fujifilm to Take Control of Xerox So Fuji Xerox will buy out Fujifilm’s stake in the company. Then Xerox will buy Fuji Xerox. Then Fujifilm will buy 50.1% of Xerox to create the New Fuji Xerox, which will remain a public company and still operate as either Xerox or Fuji Xerox, depending on the territory. And it will all be done with borrowed money. Simple, right?  Just understand that Fujifilm is now the undisputed parent in this arrangement. The New Fuji Xerox is the wayward adult son who’s been through a messy divorce. He’s had to come back home to live in his parent’s basement because he has no other options. He may tell his friends everything is dandy and it was his choice, but we all know better. ... That's why it takes 10,000 words to explain this convoluted deal.

  • HP Stumbles with Its First New Samsung MFPs After more than a year of HP working on its big acquisition of Samsung’s printer business, and with more than two months under its belt since the transaction was actually completed, one would have thought HP would have gotten out the kinks. But the announcement in January of HP’s first Samsung-branded devices – the  45 ppm A4-size ProXpress M4560FX and M4562FX – shows there’s a lot of room for improvement. 

  • Konica Minolta to Resell HP MFP & Printers - Sort of, kind of, but not really. Just in Japan. And only if a customer really, really wants to. We explain one of the most obtuse and obscure PR non-events we've seen in some time.


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