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Top Stories in the December 2018 Issue:

  • The Editorial:  “This Work Don't Flow”Workflow is neither a new term nor one that’s crossed over into the everyday vernacular of most business people, let alone the unwashed masses. Conversely, it’s become almost de rigueur amongst those in the office imaging world. But in the context of the MFP business, when everything one does is called “workflow,” the term essentially loses all meaning and value

  • Why Is Deli Launching a Printer Line -  It was more than a little surprising to see a not-too-big but not-too small Stationery company called Deli (no, not Dell) that is largely unknown outside China aggressively enter the “global printer market” with a lineup of entry-level office inkjet AIOs and low-end laser printers and MFPs at the end of 2018. The first question one is likely to ask is, “Who is Deli?” And that is likely to be followed by, “And what are they thinking?

  • Another Slap for Xerox After suffering a tough year internally and on Wall Street, Xerox saw its stock price pummeled one more time before the end of 2018. Additionally, rumors surfaced again in December of a new round of layoffs coming to Xerox. And Fujifilm came pretty close to conceding that its aspirations for buying or controlling Xerox have little chance of succeeding. In other words, December was just another typical month at Xerox.

  • Two Tiny Deals The recent announcement of Kofax’s $400 million purchase of Nuance’s Imaging Division was the biggest software deal the MFP solutions business has ever seen. And it stands in stark contrast to a pair of deals announced in December that are more typical and less consequential. But those transactions – ECi Software Solutions acquiring Print Audit and Levi Ray & Shoup purchasing Drivve –  are the kind of transactions most likely to occur in today’s MFP software business.


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