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Top Stories in the August 2017 Issue:

  • The Editorial:  “Healthy Choices” - I worry that hardcopy vendors aren’t taking enough actions to create new businesses with the requisite scale and appropriate financial attributes to offset a decline in printing and even supplant printing when the time comes. But to my surprise, this past year has shown some vendors are indeed waking up to the dangers and recognizing new possibilities. Two of them have decided their next big thing will be healthcare, not the vertical document kind, but the horizontal medical kind.

  • Muratec Deal ... Less Than Meets the Eye? Just 14% of Muratec America’s 550 active dealers carry Konica Minolta as a primary or secondary product line. So this deal could bring as many as 475 new dealers to Konica Minolta. That roughly doubles the number of dealers now under the Konica Minolta umbrella in the US. However, it’s not clear this influx of new dealers is necessarily a good thing for Konica Minolta, or that it will make that a big difference, at least in the near term. Perhaps over time Konica Minolta will position Muratec the way Konica Minolta in Europe and elsewhere uses its Develop operation, or the way Kyocera and Ricoh leverage Copystar and Lanier in the US.

  • Like It's 1999? In the good old days of inkjet printing, vendors announced new families of AIOs like clockwork twice each year. The spring launches fed into the back-to-school season, and the fall announcements tied into the holidays. But that kind of breadth and regularity for inkjet product announcements has long passed. That is what made Canon’s announcement of seven new home and SOHO AIOs in August all the more interesting and noticeable. And on top of that, HP has just created its first new AIO brand name in 14 years that contains the word “Photo.” What’s going on? 

  • What's Inside an Oreo? Four years after the Mopria Alliance was formed to help boost mobile printing for Google’s Android mobile operating system, the group was finally able to announce in August that “core technology from the Mopria Print Service” is now included as the “Default Print Service” in Google’s new Oreo version of Android. So does this mean we can now finally begin the true test to see how much pent-up demand there is for mobile printing?


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