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Top Stories in the December 2017 Issue:

  • The Editorial:  “Our Own Fake News” - What I’m calling out as “fake news” in our industry is when hardcopy vendors produce surveys and polls that by design are unlikely to reveal any meaningful findings or any actionable information. And then they compound this by employing methods and tools that are incapable of assuring the findings are reliable or even real. It’s sort of a new and unwelcome spin on an old saying. “Those who can, do; and those who can’t, sponsor surveys?"

  • Will Pressures to Sell and Buy Xerox Collide? Despite all the talk of hardcopy industry consolidation, finding the right pairing at the right time between a buyer who’s willing and wealthy, and a seller who’s motivated and reasonable, is harder to achieve than you think. So when a possible pairing emerges, it’s worth a serious look. We already addressed last month serious statements Sharp executives made at the company’s recent dealer meeting to acquire its way into the top tier of the industry. Now we’re seeing Xerox under tremendous pressure from activist investor Carl Icahn for new leadership and new options. And that includes selling the company. So how will these pressures collide in 2018?

  • Common Criteria Is Back in the News Sharp and Xerox have each claimed to be the first company to market with MFPs that are certified against the latest US government approved Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices. That Protection Profile is a new iteration of the Common Criteria guidelines that have been around for fifteen years to guide evaluation for multiple aspects of MFP security compliance. Both vendors are correct in their own way, and they’re already being joined by other MFP manufacturers. So what’s this all about? 

  • Konica Minolta Refreshes Its App Store The redesigned MarketPlace replaces the bizhub MarketPlace as Konica Minolta’s store for selling and managing apps that work on more than 50 current and recent bizhub MFPs. During much of 2017, whenever Konica Minolta mentioned the new MarketPlace, it was in the context of being able to support a much broader range of solutions for its upcoming Workplace Hub products. But there was no mention of that in the December announcement. This may be because availability of the first Workplace Hub devices has become something of a moving target. Nonetheless, there are some nice new features in the updated MarketPlace.


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