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Top Stories in the October 2018 Issue:

  • The Editorial:  “Learning, Not Yearning” - MFP vendors could learn a whole lot from the way Intuit succeeds, especially at a time hardcopy companies are struggling to maintain the status quo, often resisting meaningful diversification, or opting to dabble in highly questionable new ventures. Perhaps more than anything, hardcopy companies must embrace a process of continuous self-disruption in their businesses, and allow managers to own up to mistakes without lots of negative repercussions. 

  • Canon's Confused A3 Inkjet "Push" -  Canon’s A3 inkjet news was not so much a blockbuster announcement as it was an anemic and counterproductive pre-announcement of the WG7200 series. Canon USA will target the new A3 inkjet MFPs strictly at the SMB market, and at least initially those customers will be able to purchase a WG7200 series MFP only from the Canon Online Store. There’s no precedent for this approach at Canon or in the industry. That could mean Canon will have a new market to itself to exploit. Or it could mean there is no real market, or at least one that Canon seems prepared to nurture and cultivate.

  • HP's PageWide Lineup Gets Even Wider HP has made zero effort to explicitly position its new PageWide Color A3 models in the industry or amidst its own haphazard PageWide product line, other than to say they provide “affordable color.” I guess that’s in contrast to “unaffordable color?” As best as we can tell, the new MFPs are priced roughly 10% lower that tyeh closest existing PageWide Enterprise models HP sells, but they use different supplies that result in page costs which are 40% higher.

  • The Yin and Yang of Xerox At the first office imaging industry analyst/press event it has hosted in 18 months, Xerox did not do any of three very important things that would have made a whole lot of sense. First, Xerox did not share any kind of sales results for the big group of ConnectKey products it launched last year. Second, it did not address the truly embarrassing corporate shenanigans that plagued the company in the first half of this year. And third, Xerox did not offer any kind of modestly tangible strategy for how it intends to grow its office placements and revenue, except for some very general efforts to promote ConnectKey and sign up dealers.


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