Covering Industry Developments in January 2024

  • "Headline News: "A Stagnant Xerox Announces A Massive Round of Cuts" - Xerox's 15% workforce reduction will bring its headcount down to about 17,100 people. That's a 54% reduction since the spin-off of Conduent in 2016. Meanwhile, there were no real details about Xerox's supposed shift toward a business unit structure, or how that will help take share in the old printing business or grow any new adjacent business.

  • The Editorial: "Of Deadly Sins and Sinners" - You remember those old-timey Seven Deadly Sins. You know ... Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Envy, Sloth, and Wrath. Luckily for me blasphemy ain’t on the list. The common thread threads tying these no-no's together is that they’re inward focused and they’re driven by excessive want. And in business endeavors as in one’s personal life, these “sinful” behaviors ultimately impede the attainment of material, measurable, meaningful outcomes..

  • In Other Big News:  "Has Pantum Created Its First Homegrown A3, Color MFPs?" - This unit of China’s Ninestar ended 2023 with a potentially significant announcement of five low-speed A3 “color and monochrome MFPs” that it said were “independently developed.” But at this point, there are more questions than answers. ... "Brother Says It’s Back to Basics for B&W Line Update" - Brother has refreshed its bread-and-butter lineup of A4 monochrome laser printers and MFPs. The company said the products are “designed to bring efficiency and simplicity to everyday printing while maintaining the high quality and efficiency our customers have come to depend on.” But Brother said nothing about any of the “next generation improvements.’

  • Even More News - Kofax has become Tungsten Automation, but why? ... Xerox unloads its moribund corporate VC business. ... Epson’s top US dealer claims ink yields are wildly overstated in a new lawsuit. ... HP is facing yet another lawsuit over dynamic security blocking non-OEM inks. ... Epson invests in US 3D printer vendor 3DEO. ... Ricoh buys Albyco, Dutch maker of industrial finishing equipment. ... Ricoh is monitoring ten “low profit non-core businesses for withdrawal decisions” by 2025. ... Nonestar says 2023 was a tough year. ... Fujifilm's new purpose is to give the world more smiles, seriously. ... Canon debuts corporate VC firm in Japan. ... Epson completes inkjet printhead plant in Japan. ... Epson begins test Marketing ReadyPrint subscriptions in Japan. ... Staples’ Dex mega dealer unit buys two midsize dealers. ... Lexmark joins the ranks of printer vendors settling with Flexiworld. ... Toshiba extends Elevate Sky with cloud print management. ... Konica Minolta to resell Ysoft's SafeQ for cloud printing across Europe. ... HP EvoMore sustainable inks aren't yet shipping for its new Officejet Pros. ... HP’s latest Deskjets Are still months away from a US launch. ... Brother releases its first laser fax in Japan since 2012. ... Ricoh extends its core A3 color MFP platform to 70 ppm. ... Ricoh adds the industry’s first Toshiba TEC is refreshing its least expensive A3 color e-Studio MFPs. ... Will Olivetti be the last European printer vendor to leave the market? ... Plus more!