Covering Industry Developments in June 2021

  • onica ig News: "Hardcopy Vendor Stock Prices Recover from COVID Dip" - The good news is that the average share price for the fifteen public companies in the global hardcopy industry at the end of June 2021 had staged a full recovery from where that average price had been at the end of 2019, when the first cases of what was not yet even called COVID-19 were detected in China.
  • The Editorial: "Duty Doodie" - It’s been an open secret for decades that monthly duty cycle, maximum monthly print volume, and recommended monthly print volume figures are pretty much a sham. Yet we keep stepping in this … stuff. At a time when lots more people are having to buy personal AIOs or home printers — and in an era when individuals and companies are justifiably skeptical of what technology vendors tell them — why is it that we tolerate this embarrassing charade?
  • In Other News:  "Kofax Buys PSIGEN for Even More Capture?" - It wasn’t that surprising to see Kofax announce it had acquired PSIGEN in June 2, but what has been surprising is figuring out how buying PSIGEN actually helps Kofax. ... "Toshiba Accused of ‘World’s Worst Corporate Scandal’" - A blockbuster independent investigative report has concluded that executives at Toshiba – which owns half the shares of Toshiba TEC and effectively controls the company – “devised a plan to effectively prevent shareholders from exercising their shareholder proposal rights and voting rights.” And that’s just the latest scandal at Toshiba.

  • And Even More News - Konica Minolta has sold ten branches to DEX and said it's done reorganizing ... The third time still isn't the charm for Staples and Office Depot ... Ricoh is now really, really done with it's failed India subsidiary ... Ricoh and Kyocera are officially partners ... Xerox has acquired its first US dealer in two years ... HP explains how the pandemic has helped its business a lot ... Ricoh creates US Digital Services Center t create software ... Epson adds latest EcoTank AIO for VARs ... Exactly who are Epson's EOP software partners ... Brother's latest INKvestment AIOs ... Toshiba to update existing MFPs with new firmware and features ... When all else fails (and it has) Avision tries free toner for life ... Fujifilm snags its first post-split OEM deal ... So what's a Fujifilm Revoria? ... After two years, Ricoh completes its "intelligent" MFP line ... Canon makes a smart move with revamped DX midrange models ... QBit's first new SOC finally ships in new models from whom? ... Plus a lot more!