Covering Industry Developments in April 2021

  • Force Big News: "Fujifilm’s Big Fuji Xerox Bet Goes from Boon to Bust" - In little more than a year, Fujifilm’s complete ownership of Fuji Xerox and Xerox International Partners has gone from being a major engine of growth, to being at best a steady-state business that will not recover much following the pandemic. Whether that was foreseeable is open to debate, but the excessive $2.4 billion price tag is not.
  • The Editorial: "Never Mind" - I’m all for the occasional mea culpa or a corporate change of heart. But what we just saw in April was effectively the top management at Fujifilm and Xerox backed off pretentiously portentous plans to grow in previously off-limits portions of the globe with their own branded printing products. Moreover, both companies acted as if such words had never been spoken. Emily Litella couldn’t have said it any better.
  • In Other News:  "China’s Pantum Promises a Pivotal Year in the US, Europe" - Pantum’s plans for the US in 2021 include opening an independent base in the second half of the year; increasing its local sales team in Q2; launching online and off-line promotional activities; and developing a local distributor network. ... "HP+ Program Goes Global as Additional AIOs are Added" - HP said in November it would refresh the rest of its inkjet line with HP+ enabled models by this fall. The four new HP+ enabled Deskjet and ENVY AIOs priced from $69 to $149 are in keeping with that promise.
  • And Even More News - Acquisition of Funai by a PE firm puts its beleaguered inkjet business in further jeopardy. ... As Toshiba fights PE takeover, Toshiba America touts business-as-usual. ... Konica Minolta opts to sell some US branches to large dealers. ... Ricoh’s DocuWare grew 10.5% in FY2020 but that was down from 2020. ... M-Files acquires Hubshare portal. ... Hardcopy vendors’ results diverge in first months of 2021. ... Is Lexmark getting help from Xerox, again? ... Xerox won't be expanding into Asia before 2023. ... Fujifilm debuts rebranded Apeos, ApeosPrint and ApeosPro models. ... Canon USA revives its moribund Maxify brand. ... Epson and Canon launch world's first 6-color ink tank AIOs. ... Epson refreshes its only B&W WorkForce Enterprise MFP. ... Sharp expands lower-end A3 mono line overseas. ... Kyocera Capture Manager finally arrives in the US. ... Lexmark's latest cloud print offering. ... What's the buzz over PaperCut Hive? ... Plus a lot more!