January 2020

  • The Big News: "Xerox, HP and Fujifilm: The Circular Saga Continues" - January marked the two-year anniversary of what’s been nearly a nonstop battle initiated by Xerox to determine its future within the global hardcopy industry. Now Fujifilm has decided it will become a global hardcopy vendor in its own right, while still supplying most of Xerox’s products. Xerox is reported better profit on a still dismal revenue trajectory. HP once again has rebuffed Xerox’s advances. Xerox is threatening a hostile takeover of HP. And none of these companies has a clear idea of where it will be in two years. Oh, what fun!
  • The Editorial: "The Opportunity of a Lifetime?" - The most unlikely coincidences can sometimes prove fortuitous for all concerned. In the MFP world, look no further than what’s previously been the nonintersecting paths of Japan’s Fujifilm and regional dealer roll-ups around the US. It turns out these companies in 2020 could be the best thing that ever happened to each other. Fujifilm needs a US sales footprint immediately, and professionally funded megadealers will soon need a way to cash out. So say hello!
  • In Other News - HP hosted its 2020 “Power of Print” briefing for hardcopy industry analysts.  HP said nothing “the Xerox situation that we have.” Instead, it focused on its current printing business, while doing a surprisingly decent job laying out where and how the company sees itself expanding into digital manufacturing and microfluidics over the longer run ...  Kyocera in recent years has acquired a small number of ECM software developers and specialized ECM sellers, but it’s difficult to discern a coherent global strategy from those deals. And that view was reinforced when Kyocera acquired two more ECM software companies in Europe in January. ... 2019 was a lousy year for Canon. Its worldwide revenue dropped 9% to its lowest level since 2016, and that was also Canon’s largest percentage decline in revenue since the depths of the Great Recession. And Canon’s net income plummeted 46% last year to the lowest level reported in two decades. ... Read and see. There's so much more!