Covering Industry Developments in July 2021

  • Headline News: "The Curse Continues as HP Kills PageWide Office Inkjet" - After spending five years trying to get its channels and customers enthused about its broad lineup of PageWide business inkjet devices, HP in July quietly and unceremoniously said it was pulling the plug on all of its PageWide office MFPs and printers. This latest business inkjet defeat comes after prior failures by Xerox, Canon, Ricoh and Brother, which raises further doubts as to whether Epson can succeed selling its own narrow lineup of A3 page wide array inkjet models through MFP dealers.
  • The Editorial: "Dealer Deal Doldrums" - If an office equipment dealer didn’t already get gotten while the getting was good, that’s too bad. Because the game of getting gotten easily and lucratively is gone for good. To the extent some dealers will be bought today or tomorrow, the deals are going to be smaller, and the prices are going to be lower. And lots of anxious but less desirable lower-rung dealers will simply fade away before ever getting acquired.
  • In Other News:  "Will Windows 365 Boost Universal Print?" - It has been a year since Microsoft announced its Universal Print cloud printing solution for Microsoft 365, and it has been almost five months since Universal Print entered worldwide commercial. But the reaction among hardcopy vendors, MFP and printer sellers, and end users alike has been lukewarm. However, that could change with Microsoft’s announcement of the Windows 365 Cloud PC. ... "It's All About Perspective with Q2 Earnings" - The expectation was that hardcopy companies would see a dramatic boost in sales, revenue and profit in Q2 of 2021 versus a year ago. And so far every company that's reported earnings did. But there's a lot more to the story when you compare the latest numbers to those from 2019.

  • And Even More News - HP faces a class action lawsuit over Instant Ink that has implications for other supplies subscription plans ... Epson and Brother are trying out alternatives to HP's Instant Ink ... Lenovo has launched its first new Toshiba-made A3 MFPs in China in seven years ... Brother launched its first new color laser MFP in three years, but it's not really new at all ... OKI contends it's still in the printer business in Europe, but its product line says otherwise ... Microsoft is racing to avoid a PrintNightmare that's two decades in the making ... Hundreds of millions of HP, Samsung and Xerox pose a security risk ... Who is Intuitive Business Intelligence and what are they doing with PaperPort? ... Plus a lot more!