Covering Industry Developments in June 2022

  • Headline News: "Kyocera Gently Reimagines Its Post-Pandemic Future" - KDA’s tone at its first post-pandemic dealer meeting was interesting. The company encouraged dealers to “reimagine” their business, but the changes it promoted were neither new nor dramatic for Kyocera or the industry. Despite the massive changes wrought by the pandemic and its aftermath, the products and message that KDA delivered at the Reimagine event in 2022 were not all that different than those it highlighted three years ago before the COVID pandemic at its Innovate meeting in 2019.
  • The Editorial: "A Mathematical Impossibility" - Pages and placements are falling. So why is every vendor indicating its hardcopy revenue will stay flat or even grow a few percent annually over the next two to four years? It doesn’t add up! Either vendors don’t believe their own talk track about how printing has been fundamentally altered by COVID and the big increase in hybrid work. Or they all believe it but are somehow convinced they’re each going to take market share from every one else.
  • In Other News:  "Toshiba TEC Presents Three-Year Plan as Toshiba Receives Multiple Offers to Go Private" - Toshiba TEC is forecasting revenue from its MFP-driven Workplace Solutions unit will remain flat from FY2022 through FY2024, but operating profit will grow 54%. ... "Lexmark Switches from Konica Minolta to Fujifilm for New A3 Line" - Fujifilm has talked a lot about bolstering its OEM business (by an additional $650 million by 2025) as a critical way to grow its hardcopy revenue. Instead, Fujifilm’s OEM revenue has plummeted due to the abysmal performance of Xerox, its top customer. While the new A3 OEM deal with Lexmark is interesting, it will generate only a small portion of the revenue Fujifilm is looking for.

  • And Even More News - The unexpected death of Xerox's CEO leaves a challenging legacy. ... Kofax prevails in its bid for Tungsten. ... Ricoh diversifies and expands with trio of Northern Europe acquisitions. ... Sharp touts share gains in the US A3 market. ... Ricoh will provide “marketing services” to select industries. ... HP is being sued because its AIOs won't scan without ink. ... What are Kyocera's speed licenses? ... PaperCut debuts forest positive tree planting program. ... Epson adds derivative AIOs just for Walmart. ... Samsung adds more rebadged HP ink tank AIOs in Korea. ... Brother refreshes its A3 inkjet AIO lineup. ... Kyocera enters the low-end A4 monochrome market. ... Refreshed Pantum A4 mono MFPs are little changed. ... The latest Deli AIOs appeared then disappeared. ... Canon continues its iR ADVANCE DX mini refresh. ... Toshiba is preparing a major reshuffling of Its A3 e-Studio line. ... Efforts by Staples to buy Office Depot stores end once again. ... Plus more!