Covering Developments in January 2021

  • The Big News: "Xerox Hints at an Evolving Strategy in Year-End Results" - Xerox said it will “stand up … separate and distinct” Software, Financing and Innovation businesses, keeping in mind these operations generate less than 10% of its revenue. And Xerox will also allocate $250 million over five years to create “a corporate venture capital fund.” But at this point, even Wall Street analysts who follow Xerox weren’t sure what this all means.
  • The Editorial: "DX Is No Rx for Hardcopy Vendors" - Given how broadly it’s defined, what exactly in IT these days would not qualify as DX? That’s what I thought. So the latest IT trend promising to take vendors from the purgatory of printing to the promised plain of digital dynamism is so broad it encompasses anything one might ever do with a PC, a network, the internet, or the cloud. And that means DX offers printer vendors neither clear guidance nor safe guard rails.
  • In Other News:  "As MFP Vendors Sell Patents, New Trolls Target Competitors" - We’re now seeing a new sort of litigation emerge as a result of “trolls” acquiring patents from one hardcopy vendor, and then suing other hardcopy vendors for patent infringement. Ironically, the original patent-holding vendors – like Xerox and Sharp – hadn’t previously sued competitors for patent infringement. ... "Initial Results Indicate Hoped-For Q4 Recovery Has Slowed" - The first printer vendors results from Q4 show that recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic will be far longer and bumpier than the rapid descent that took place in March and April last year and continued into the early summer. The idea that the worst was over six months ago has proven to be short-lived
  • And Even More News - PrinterLogic has become Vasion as it spreads beyond cloud printing. ... M-Files has raised $80 million in third round equity financing. ... Xerox pays $10 million for tiny AR technology firm. ... Chinese funds invest $495 million in Ninestar's Apex chip unit. ... Staples wants to buy Office Depot's retail and online business, again. ... Canon says "new business" could generate 45% of its sales in 2025. ... Russia's Katyusha adds OEM'd models from Avision and Sindoh. ... Pantum debuts its first Elite models. ... Epson Europe adds interesting EcoTank pair. ... Muratec completes its US A3 lineup. ... Ricoh ships its first A3 monochrome "intelligent MFPs." ... And Kofax finally has something to say about ReadSoft. ... Plus a lot more!