September 2019

  • The Big News:  While the US is typically more diverse and also tends to be somewhat further ahead in exploiting new opportunities and facing new challenges in the office hardcopy business, MFP vendors and their channel partners can learn a lot by looking beyond the borders of the United States to see what is going on elsewhere. For more than a decade, one of the best examples of that thinking has been an Australian company named CSG, which is the largest multi-brand seller of office MFPs and solutions in Oceania. So after some huge stumbles, will subscriptions finally save the day for CSG?
  • The Editorial:  The nine largest, most print-dependent vendors had $125 billion in hardcopy revenue in 2008, or 49% of their total sales. Those same vendors generated $91 billion in print revenue in 2018, or 53% of their sales. So in other words, their collective hardcopy revenue intensity rose 4% over the past decade. That’s mostly because their non-print revenue fell faster than their print revenue. Still, is that what you call diversification!
  • In Other News:  Konica Minolta and Ninestar -- which basically also owns Lexmark and Pantum -- have been quietly doing more and more together over the past five years. Then this month, Ninestar and Konica Minolta announced in China a “strategic alignment to further cooperation in products, markets and other areas.” Is this just PR fluff, or can we expect to see even tighter links now between these companies in an tough hardcopy market where new alliances are sprouting up?